The Scandalous Lady W

Shaun cast in an 18th Century BBC2 Drama

Shaun has been cast in a new BBC2 drama. Based in the 18th Century Shaun will play Sir Richard Worsley in ‘The Scandalous Lady W’. Also starring Natalie Dormer who plays Sir Richards wife Lady Seymour Worsley. The story is about her betrayal to Sir Richard with his best friend Captain George Bisset. It all ends up going through the courts with a very unsatisfactory result for Sir Richard – He wins a shilling!

Scandalous Lady W BBC Media Centre page


According to the Telegraph’s 100 brilliant things to do it is to be broadcast in August.

100 brilliant things

‘I must know in my heart that I can trust my wife to do her duty.’

A small clip from The Scandalous Lady W – From 30 seconds

I’m so happy that here has been a small bit of Shaun footage in The Scandalous Lady W BBC2 film. Here is the video which shows Shaun in all of his Sir Richard Worsley glory (and a night shirt too!). It’s the 2nd film in.


This is the drama that we have all been waiting for and I cannot wait!! Interesting costumes that Shaun wears including a night shirt!




Behind the scenes video:

‘Why do you complain so?’


I have found some articles thanks to my fab followers on Twitter. I’ve also done some new screen grabs from the clips shown on the Natalie Dormer video interview.


BBC Media centre – Natalie Dormer discusses playing Lady Worsley


A nice little article but annoying that they call The Last weekend The Lost Weekend. (whinge over!)


Writer  David Eldridge discusses his writing of Scandalous Lady W drama.


Mirror – Natalie Dormer sexes up bodice ripping drama.

Daily Express – A very British scandal… Interview with Natalie Dormer


More fab photos.