Endeavour S6

Endeavour Series 6

The Game has changed


I was very lucky to go to the screening for Series 6. We were shown episode 2 – Apollo which was directed by Shaun. It was really good but I really want to see episode 1, to see what happenedĀ in the beginning.

Over the past month, production and filming have begun of Endeavour Series 6. Shaun’s image has changed! He has a moustache and he is wearing a uniform. Very hot in it he looks too. I’m not too sure about the ‘tasche yet though. Shaun has begun his directing career working on Casualty which were very good episodes. Team Endeavour took part too, with Caroline O Neill and Abigail Thaw appearing in separate episodes that Shaun was working on. He is now directing an episode of Endeavour, it is episode 2 called Apollo. It’s so good for him.

Here are some photos:

Thanks to everyone who shared these photos with us.

According to the following Daily Mail article Shaun isĀ sporting a “manicured moustache”. A good way to describe it I think. ;0)

Daily Mail Article