Endeavour Screening Q & A write up:

Shaun summarises Morse’s state of mind in this 1st episode, The beginning is his return and if you can imagine Its 4 months since losing his Dad and being shot and he has been seconded to another station and had a bit of time out of work. So the first day back is the first day of this film so he’s back at the station, not feeling 100%, he hesitates to say Post Traumatic Stress but along the lines of being in deep shock, probably needing a little bit more time off, thats where we find him at the beginning. The interesting thing about that you have a crime that occurs and he needs to solve it in a particular way, to get himself back, and get himself back in to this groove in order to heal himself, thats where we are in the beginning, he thinks that when we get to the end he is in a very different place but the 4th film his relationship to Thursday, to the job, to the station and to himself.

Endeavour’s developments Shaun says, At the beginning you have Endeavour thinking is this the right place for me, is this the right job, by the end of the forth one it is Thursday questioning whether Endeavour is in the right place, whether he has a future. so there is an about face from both Characters. He thinks that is what is interesting as it develops that you see that they kind of need each other to move forward.

When asked to define Endeavours working methods and what makes him attractive in the way he works, Shaun replied saying that there is an imagination and intuitiveness but also an intelligence, and he is probably not particularly well suited to being a policeman but it’s that cryptic way of working things out. He also thinks that is what sets him apart from others.


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Did Shaun find it an extra problem throwing himself into the sixties and the way people used to act, Shaun explains that whether you take the roles set in a different times and different periods it gives you the opportunity to learn a bit about it. He thinks specifically for this he doesn’t think the character needs to be in tune with his time so how people are behaving in the sixties isn’t so important for him to copy the mannerisms of that.

With it being hard to imagine any other actors playing Morse is there any part in which he felt he had the key and nailed the part, Shaun says that he thought it comes and goes as he attacks each day and scripts. He sometimes feels he had achieved what he set out to more than he did the previous day. He feels he starts get into a groove a bit more, but he feels it does come and go.

Shaun also replied to the question about whether he went back to the old Morse or whether he moved on from that. He said he didn’t think that would be useful for Endeavour, and when the script arrives he depends on his imagination to recreate something. He also said that if he was going to be sitting down talking about something, he wanted it to be something that has come from himself versus a copy from something else.

Other bits covered by Shaun are “how he achieved getting his Endeavour voice so close to John Thaws Morse” to which he replied that he had listened to a lot of Michael Palin as that is how he imagined Endeavours voice to be.

Shaun also told us when talking about another episode that he can take or leave football and that he is more into boxing.

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