Celebration of Christmas

Shaun was in Oxford on Friday to do his part for Macmillan in the Celebration of Christmas at Christ Church Cathedral.

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Shaun’s artwork

Shaun has been busy lately doing some artwork. A book has recently been released thats is full of artwork done by people from Liverpool. Shaun’s lovely artwork it looks painted is called The Mersey. I hope you’ll all like.

Filming begins on the 6th series of Endeavour 

Very exciting news. We’ve started to see photos of Endeavour with his new look.

You can see here.

Endeavour Recommissioned

This is brilliant news. It will be Endeavour Series 6. It’s all good. Hopefully we’ll find out the reasons behind DC Fancy’s murder.

Shaun’s New look!

Endeavour Series 5 now in production

This fab detective drama is now in production and I went along to Oxford to see film 1 being filmed. It was fab to see Shaun again. I took a few photos when there wasn’t a filming screen in the way.

Shaun’s New Role

Shaun is to take up a new role as a director for the BBC drama Casualty. He has already done some work on the production side of things being an associate producer for Endeavour. It is very exciting as it is one of my other favourite TV dramas. It will be very interesting to see his style.

Endeavour recommissioned for series 5

Endeavour Series 5 has been commissioned. This series will have 6 episodes. We will see Endeavour as a sergeant as he became one from the Queen for all of his good work he has done.

Endeavour series 4 in production

Endeavour series 4 is in production. Filming in lovely oxford is now complete and I was lucky enough to go to Oxford on a lot of the filming days there.

It’s very exciting and the stories that were outlined on the press office documents all look like they are going to be fab.

Here is my Endeavour 4 page where I’ve been able to post about my Endeavour adventures seeing some filming and talking to the lovely Shaun too.

Daily Express Interview – Shaun talks about his life, career and acting.

A nice interview with Shaun on the run up to Endeavour series 3 starting. It is very informative. A good read!


Fab Shaun Interview on Oxford Radio

Creative Workshop – Moscow

Shaun has appeared at a Creative Workshop in Moscow a few days ago and there have been lots of gorgeous photos coming my way.

On one of the sites I found an interview. I have Google Translated and edited it a little. It’s a nice interview and  Shaun has said he is doing some short films soon too.

Read the interview here: Shaun – Creative Interview

Shaun is back to the theatre in January. 

The Hello/Goodbye story is Juliet (Miranda Raison) is moving into a flat but there is also a strange but gorgeous chap Alex (Shaun) also moving in too. The agents have messed up!

© Hamptead Theatre

© Hamptead Theatre

See information here:  Hello/Goodbye

Shaun cast in a new BBC2 Drama

Shaun has been cast in a new BBC2 drama. Based in the 18th Century Shaun will play Sir Richard Worsley in the ‘Woman in Red’. Also starring Natalie Dormer who plays Sir Richards wife Lady Seymour Worsley. The story is about her betrayal to Sir Richard with his best friend. It all ends up going through the courts with a very unsatisfactory result for Sir Richard.

Sounds like it will be a fab drama .

More information here: Shaun – Woman in Red

Fantastic News Endeavour Recommissioned 

ITV has recommissioned Endeavour. So we will finally get to see how the innocent chap will get out of his current predicament.


For the full ITV press release go here: ITV Endeavour

War Book at BFI London Film Festival

Good news!

Finally we will get the opportunity to see War Book! It is being shown two times as part of the BFI Film festival.

Dates, cinemas and times as follows:

Oct 13, 2014: 6:00 PM – Vue West End Cinema – Price: £16.00

Oct 18, 2014: 12:15 PM – Curzon Mayfair Cinema – Price: £12.50

Tickets go on public sale – 18/09/2014 – 10am

More info here: War Book

Fab video featuring Shaun and Maxine Peake

The video is for the new Cherry Ghost song – Clear Skies Ever Closer, it is also the directing debut of Maxine who has done a fantastic job.

Guardian – Cherry Ghost – Clear Skies Ever Closer

shaun - cherry ghost

Fantastic News! Shaun comes to the theatre in the summer.

Shaun has a summer theatre role at the Chichester Festival Theatre/Minerva Theatre.

He is cast in a double bill – Miss Julia/Black Comedy – 4 Jul – 9 Aug 2014

The theatre Shaun info here

Click here for overviews of both productions.

Endeavour Articles

Via ATV Today – Preview video of episode 2 – maybe spoilerish



Shaun’s interview on BBC Breakfast – 1st April 2014


Video of interview


Endeavour Review

Morse prequel tries to bash its young detective into shape

The Arts Desk

Six compelling reasons why you should definitely watch it

Endeavour – Great news for sunday telly




Endeavour article including an interview with Shaun

Shaun reveals he will be the last actor to play Morse.

Radio Times

Digital Spy – Shaun’s 11 Endeavour things you need to know

Enter Shaun, who gave us hints from romance to retirement, stranglers to shootings…

Digital Spy – Shaun’s 11 Endeavour things  *might be a little spoilerish*


Express – Interviews with both Shaun and Roger.  

Express – Endeavour Article

A couple of Shaun Endeavour promo slots this week.

Shaun will be on the BBC 5 live Richard Bacon show on Thursday 27th March. He will be interviewed between 3:00 – 3:30.

Shaun will also be on This Morning 28th March. He should be interviewed by Ruth and Eamon around 12.15 – Although still to be confirmed.


© ITV or © Mammoth Screen

Shaun on Radio 4

Shaun to discuss Portraying Real life characters with Maxine Peake in a BBC Radio 4 programme. Broadcast Sat 29th Mar at 8pm.

Portraying Real Life

ITV Endeavour Series 2 press release

Endeavour Press release

Has the trailer included. it is a tiny bit longer on the end scene.

Shaun Endeavour trailer 1

Endeavour Trailer

Nice trailer for Series 2

Endeavour series 2 – Coming soon


Endeavour 2


I have set up a Shaun Evans Online tumblr – Tumblr

Episode 1 – Trove

A little bit of information about episode 1 of series 2. Article from The Telegraph


View the fab short film Archaeology starring Shaun here. Made by Philip Sansom & Olly Williams.

Fab ITV Endeavour trailer

I found this trailer thanks to Radio Times having it on their Top 40 TV Shows 2013 page. It was the first time that I saw it and I think it is fab!

© Mammoth Screen Ltd

Endeavour filming at the Museum of Natural History

Fab article by Rachel Parle – Education Officer

Credit: Scott Billings

Credit: Scott Billings

A closed museum makes for an intriguing film set. Wrapped skeletons, shadowy corridors and empty echoing spaces create the perfect atmosphere for a mystery.

This week we’ve had the cast and crew of the ITV1 detective series Endeavour filming in the Museum. Endeavour is a prequel to Inspector Morse, the famous Oxford-based series that ran for 13 years. Production company Mammoth Screen are currently making the second series of Endeavour, which stars Shaun Evans as the young Morse making his name as a detective.

Endeavour is set in the 1960s so, to achieve an authentic period look, preparations by the production team started in the Museum last week. Skeletons that were covered in plastic and foam were given a retro make-over with canvas draping, and modern displays were temporarily replaced by ’60s style versions.

At the end of the day on Monday, I was lucky enough to bump into the star of the show, young Endeavour Morse himself, played by Shaun Evans. Shaun was exploring the Museum after closing, during a break in filming. He had never visited the Museum before, so enjoyed the opportunity to see if without the crowds. Shaun was very friendly and enthusiastic about the beautiful architecture so we suggested he comes back when we re-open to see the building in its full glory.

Filming location: Museum of Natural History, Oxford

Read the rest of the article and view other piccies here: Mystery in the Museum

Complete Endeavour coming out on DVD soon – Hooray!

Endeavour pilot and S1

An Endeavour DVD with both the pilot episode and series one is available for pre-order on Amazon. The DVD comes out on October 7th.

Pre-order it here: Complete Endeavour


Julia from send me her piccies that she took last week whilst the Endeavour Crew were there doing the first lot of Endeavour series 2 filming.

Shaun and Roger - Caketastic!

Shaun and Roger – Caketastic!

More piccies here: Caketastic

web: Twitter: @happycakesuk

Many thanks Julia!

Actor drops in as Endeavour returns to film in Oxford

Oxford mail – Article about the beginning of the Endeavour filming

Good news! Endeavour goes back into production for the second series


Filming has now begun on the second series of Endeavour, the phenomenally successful ITV crime drama and prequel to Inspector Morse.

Shaun Evans (The Take, The Last Weekend) returns in the lead role of young Morse, with Roger Allam (The Thick of It, Parade’s End) as his superior Detective Inspector Fred Thursday. Series regulars Anton Lesser, James Bradshaw, Jack Laskey, Shaun Rigby and Abigail Thaw also return.

The new series will comprise 4 x 120 minute films, and is written by acclaimed screenwriter and Morse contributor Russell Lewis. Colin Dexter, whose first Morse story was published in 1975, continues his association with the drama, acting as a consultant to Endeavour producers Mammoth Screen.

More of the ITV production news press release here: Endeavour Production

BBC Breakfast – Shaun Endeavour interview (10/04/2013)

I’ve only just had the pleasure of finding this nice little TV interview on BBC Breakfast. He talks about how he developed his Endeavour role by focussing on reading the original books.

Shaun Interview – BBC Breakfast

Piccie - Scrren grab from BBC site

Piccie – Screen grab from BBC site

Lovely Endeavour review – Ottawa Citizen

An Endeavour to remember

New Project for Shaun

Shaun is among the fab cast of a new production: Harper-Thorne’s War Book. Filming has started this week. Other cast includes: Adeel Akhtar (Four Lions), Nicholas Burns (Nathan Barley), Ben Chaplin (The Thin Red Line) Shaun Evans (Boy A), Kerry Fox (Bright Star), Phoebe Fox (One Day), Sophie Okenedo (Hotel Rwanda), Antony Sher (Shakespeare in Love) and Nathan Stewart Jarrett (Misfits).

Screen Daily: War Book Harper-Thorne

Good News! ITV recommissions Endeavour for a second series


Starring Shaun Evans and Roger Allam produced by Mammoth Screen

ITV’s critically acclaimed crime drama, Endeavour, will return for a second series following the phenomenal success of the first series starring Shaun Evans and Roger Allam.

As a prequel to the much-admired Inspector Morse, Endeavour debuted in 2012 with a feature length story to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Morse. Consequently, this one off became the highest performing new drama title to air on ITV that year.

With Shaun Evans (The Take, The last Weekend) in the lead role of young Morse, Roger Allam (The Thick of It, Parade’s End, Game of Thrones) as Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, and written by Russell Lewis, who wrote for Morse and devised Lewis, the drama instantly became a hit with viewers and critics who acknowledged the high production values and beautifully crafted stories inspired by the character created by acclaimed novelist Colin Dexter, whose first Morse story was published in 1975. Colin continues his association with the drama acting as a consultant to Endeavour producers, Mammoth Screen.

More of the ITV press release here : Endeavour 2nd series

Nice little interview with Shaun about working on Endeavour

Oxfords Finest: Endeavour’s Shaun Evans


Endeavour to be shown on PBS Masterpiece

Starting from 7th July American fans of Endeavour will be able to enjoy series 1.

Showing on Sundays at 9pm ET on PBS: 7th July – Girl, 14th July Fugue,

21st July Rocket and 28th July Home.

Nice little PBS/Masterspiece website on Series 1 and a few pictures I haven’t seen until now, so it is all good! Site has little descriptions and video previews of each episode of series 1. If you don’t want any type of spoilers do not view this site.

Endeavour PBS & Masterpiece site

Endeavour and girl ep1

US Endeavour articles

Endeavour reads his suspect to sleep – NY Times TV

British Cop-show imports arresting – Winnipeg Free Press

Morse the younger –

Inspector morse begins a successful Endeavour – NY Post

‘Endeavour’ and its younger Morse are welcome company – LA Times

PBS ‘Morse’ prequel a worthy ‘Endeavour’ – Miami Herald

Masterpiece Mystery Endeavour –

Also has descriptions and video previews of each episode in series 1. Maybe spoilers! There are also a couple of interview clips with Shaun and Abigail Thaw.

Videos are US based so may not be viewable in the UK.

Endeavour DVD released!


Shaun Evans, Roger Allam, James Bradshaw, Anton Lesser, Jack

Laskey and Sean Rigby


SHAUN EVANS returns as DC ENDEAVOUR MORSE to investigate four compelling new cases

amongst the dreaming spires of 1960s

Oxford. Newly appointed as ‘bagman’ to boss and mentor DI FRED THURSDAY (Roger Allam),

Endeavour must navigate a minefield of police

politics to solve a quartet of baffling murder mysteries. Dark family secrets, a terrifying

battle of wits against a diabolical serial

killer, a Royal visit to a local munitions factory and the shadow of London’s gangland over Oxford.

All will threaten to test Endeavour’s deductive skills to breaking point.

Endeavour DVD Competition: Results here

Endeavour is available now from

Endeavour DVD – Amazon Web Store


Shaun – Radio Times –  My Watchlist

My Watchlist

Shaun – Radio Times – Endeavour

Shaun – I’m getting better at Opera

US Fans the following articles may have Endeavour spoilers

Endeavour – Radio Times page

Radio Times


Endeavour – Guide to episode 4

Radio Times Guide – Home

Endeavour – Guide to episode 3

Radio Times Guide – Rocket

Endeavour – Guide to episode 2

Radio Times Guide – Fugue

Endeavour – Guide to episode 1

Radio Times Guide – Girl

iTunes – Buy Endeavour Episodes

Endeavour available on iTunes

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