A surgical drama starring James Nesbitt as the┬áneurosurgeon. Shaun is the husband of a patient who has a brain tumour. She is in hospital to have an operation. Shaun’s character is quite nervous about the operation and is pleased when his wife is recovering.

“Gabriel Monroe is a brilliant if somewhat unorthodox neurosurgeon. Gruff and blunt with colleagues and subordinates alike, his bedside manner is impeccable and he easily generates trust with patients. His latest case is that of Alison Banister who has a large and growing brain tumour. Monroe thinks it’s operable and an operation has every likelihood of success. Alison is worried at the outcome and must decide whether to have several years of normal life or take the risk of living much longer life but possibly losing her speech or mobility. At home, Monroe’s life is thrown into sudden turmoil when, having delivered their 19 year-old son to university, his wife tells him she is leaving him over an affair he had some six years before.”


Monroe 1