Miss Julie & Black Comedy

Shaun comes to the theatre in the summer.

Shaun has a summer theatre role at the Chichester Festival Theatre/Minerva Theatre.

He is cast in a double bill – Miss Julia and Black Comedy – 4 Jul – 9 Aug 2014

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Miss Julie and Black Comedy – 26th July

I had the best day yesterday as I went to see the lovely Shaun in theatre.

I’m not a review writer so I will try and keep it short.

Both plays were fantastic in different ways. In Miss Julie there was a lot of Shaun and his co-star Rosalie Craig, It can be a bit dark in places as they love and hate each other but because of their classes they have to be quiet about what goes on between them in both ways. Shaun’s character Jean is also engaged to the household cook so there was a bit of tooing and froing on his part so she didn’t find out……….But it all comes out and there is a disastrous ending. Shaun’s character name Jean was pronounced in french which really sounded like Shaun.

Black Comedy was very funny. It is based in a dark room as the fuse had broken. Main character Brindsley is an artist and important art dealer guest due but feels that his furniture doesn’t quite fit in, so he ‘borrows’ his neighbours Harold’s (Shaun) furniture while he’s away. Harold returns home early so Brindsley next task is to replace the furniture in the darkness which leads to lots of falling down and bashing into things. Lots of comical things go on in the darkness. Every time Harold lights a match someone pretty much blows it out straight away, so he can’t see and one of his prized possessions unfortunately gets smashed, that made me say quietly Oh dear! It was such a funny play all the way through.

It was nice to see a bit of both in the plays – dark and comedy. It was a great theatrical afternoon.

Afterwards I waited for a little while to see if I would get the chance to meet Shaun, luckily I did. He was as lovely as ever. He asked me what I thought, I told him I thought his character in Miss Julie was a little bit of a git to which he agreed (Phew!) and told him how much I loved Black Comedy too which he was really pleased about. He also thanked me for coming along and for the Good Luck gift I had sent him (good luck mini teddy and Thorntons Chocolates). I told him that I was coming along on the 5th August too which he was pleased about (another Phew!). So role on the 5th! 😀

Here are some of the reviews all really nice although one not quite so kind to Shaun. (Guess what publication!)

Daily Telegraph
‘This inspired coupling of Strindberg’s dark study of sex across the class divide and Peter Shaffer’s brilliant one-act farce was first staged at Chichester back in 1965.’

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The Stage
‘Chichester once again pairs Black Comedy with Miss Julie, the original impulse to put them together is fascinatingly exposed. Each revolve around a fiance who cheats on their betrothed.’

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Jean – Miss Julie














Stage Review

‘Endeavour star Shaun Evans helped himself to a posh bit of totty in the Rebecca Lenkiewicz adaptation of Miss Julie.’

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Portsmouth – The News

‘Shaun Evans as Jean is dashing, sophisticated and also a servant engaged to the cook.’

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Daily Mail

‘Triumphant pairing’

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Harold – Black Comedy

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