Shaun is lined up for a theatre role in Hello/Goodbye at the Hampstead Theatre on the main stage. Shaun plays Alex and alongside Shaun, Miranda Raison will play the female lead Juliet.

The story is Juliet is moving into a flat but there is also a strange but gorgeous chap (Alex) also moving in. The agents have messed up!

© Hamptead Theatre

© Hamptead Theatre

Tickets are on sale to the Friends of Hamptead Theatre now and go on sale to the public on 28th November.

Ticket prices:

Tuesday – Saturday Evenings: Full price: £35/£30/£25

Under 30s/Students: £15/£10*

Previews, Mondays and matinees
Full price: £28/£25/£18
Under 30s/Students: £15/£10*

Hampstead Theatre  – Hello/Goodbye


I went to see Hello/Goodbye this week and I totally loved it!

Juliet (Miranda Raison) is moving into a new flat only to find that there is a ‘handsome Stranger’ Alex (Shaun) already moving in. The letting agents have messed up.

It’s very funny as there is a lot of f-ing coming from Juliet while Alex calmly continues to unpack his Happy Meals toy collection amongst other things. He is geek-tastic (Cuddly Geek!) which make you love his character even more.

There is a bit of flirting going on and a very unexpected surprise too (for Shaun fans!). The 1st half has a very happy ending.

Who will get the toy dog? Alex or Juliet.

2nd half is 10 years later and Alex is packing his things as we find out that he married Juliet and is now in mid-divorce. It is really sad, and you really feel for him. Juliet comes back to collect her stuff too, another lady is there with Alex and it does set the alarm bells ringing. is Alex seeing her? (we hope not!)

Alex and Juliet begin to divide their stuff which they bought together, including a tin chicken which lays tin eggs which is a really funny part of the sad scenes. There is a lot of arguing between both and a big thing comes to light for Juliet that Alex has done. it is such a nice thing that he’s done and you’d want to give him a big hug.

So will it be the sad ending that it looks like it may be or go the opposite way. I won’t spoil it until it is ended.


Afterwards I stayed to see if I could meet the handsome stranger himself and I did. Shaun was his usual lovely self. He gave me a hello hug which he never has done before (my heart melted). He asked me what I thought of the play, I told him I loved it and was coming again with one of my twitter friends. I also told him I was hoping to come to another which he was pleased about (Phew!) He asked me how I was getting on with everything else so I gave him a quick update. I asked him If I could take a photo of him but he insisted I was in it too, I looked awful and I thank Apple for the image crop tool on iPhones so I could crop myself out. (Phew! again) I also asked him if he knew when Woman In Red was going to be on TV, he doesn’t know yet but worth asking I think. Then he was off home so nice ending to a fab night!

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