Endeavour Series 3

The date for the first episode of Endeavour series 3 is 3rd January.
‘Good things that come to those who wait’
Is to quote that is best at this time I think. 😀

Oxford Visits Summer 2015

Filming for series 3 is well underway and I’ve been lucky enough to pop up to Oxford to get a look at the Endeavour goings on.

I met up with one of my twitter friends (another Jo) and we had a lovely morning. It was lovely to see Shaun getting filmed for a scene in the Jaguar. He filmed it many times but it was great to get more time to watch the handsome one at work.

I had a chance to have a couple of little chats with Shaun once when he was in the jag and once when he was on his way to the next location. He was as lovely as usual and he called me sweetheart! Not complaining about that all!

Here is some lovely photos of Shaun that Jo took in Oxford.

Photos –  © Jo White

Radio Times Festival

I was lucky enough to go along to the Endeavour event at the Radio Times Festival. It was a fantastic day and Shaun was part of Team Endeavour. They talked about the beginnings of Endeavour, the pilot being part of the 25th Anniversary of Inspector Morse and how it is about the young Morse. They spoke about how Endeavour is getting on and how it continues to be a fantastic TV drama with Series 3 coming up.

Here is my recording of the Endeavour talk including a Q&A too.


ITV – Endeavour Series 3 press release

We know how series 2 finished and poor Endeavour was doing ‘Porridge’ now we have series 3 to come.


Some promotion for Endeavour Series 3 has started. There are some very nice (hot) photo’s of Shaun as Endeavour too.

Shaun Interview – Radio Times


Steve Wright Show – Shaun Interview – 14/01/2016

Interview with Shaun where he talks about Endeavour. He also has a couple of maybe jobs bubbling away!