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Following on from the last episode – Has Endeavour recovered from being shot by Millicent Coke Norris at the last crime scene? is Endeavour still Thursdays bagman or does Bright still insist to Thursday that Endeavour should still be on General duties? and has Strange moved up in his job since taking his sergeant exams?

The episode starts with very moody music (Ein deutsches requiem), with a few flash backs from the last episode, it does make you wonder what is going to happen….

'Sooner or later you'll have to choose'

Sooner or later you’ll have to choose

Endeavour returns back to Cowley police station after his 4 month absence and on his first day he is quickly investigating new cases that have come up. Luckily he is not put on to the general duties so we do get good old (not so old) Endeavour. Earlier Endeavour comes upon Strange who sadly didn’t get enough marks to become a sergeant, he tells Endeavour he is joining the Mason’s to which Endeavour tells him ‘to be himself’… do masons come up later in the investigation?

There are several cases that come up and Endeavour tries linking them together. One of the links he is investigating has Endeavour going to London. Unfortunately it has led him to a venue when the link is supposed to be, but it ends in a very traumatic and bad way for Endeavour. It is a shocking scene and it does have you feeling a lot for Endeavour.


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Endeavour is taken home and Thursday asks his new neighbour if she can call in on him. She is a nurse, checks up on him and looks after him…… could this be his love interest to come? 😉

At a few times during the ep there are things (eg: a car back firing) that gives Endeavour a shock and flashbacks of his shooting from the last episode. He carries on trying to put all of the crimes together, some of his suggestions concerns Thursday as some of Endeavours links are not matching up. He is concerned that “The lights gone out of him”.

As the investigations goes on, Endeavour does begin to come back to his normal fantastic investigative self.

The links in the end bring Endeavour to where a group of Masons meet. He pretends to be a mason himself so he can pass messages given to all of the suspects which helps him to conclude his investigation in the end.

It is a fantastic episode to the beginning of the series. It does not disappoint and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest. 

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