Endeavour Series 4

Endeavour is back tomorrow! Series 4 Episode 1 Game

It’s a very interesting episode. Set two weeks ofter Joan Thursday left leaving Endeavour heartbroken, he didn’t tell her how he felt. Not a dry eye all around. Fred and Win Thursday are feeling devastated too after Joan left and they’ve heard nothing from her since which builds up their sad feelings. Will Endeavour get the Sergeants exam result he would like??

Being out this week there has been a screening of episode one which I was lucky to go too and meet Shaun. I was a good day and I got to meet up with a lot of my Shaun friends.

Shaun appeared on Lorraine where he talked about Endeavour and about his next project being a director for a BBC programme which already exists. (I wonder what it can be)

Lorraine 06/01/2017

Shaun before the Steve Wright show.

Shaun on Steve Wright

Digital Spy article with hot photos. 😘😘

Digital Spy

ITV Endeavour 4 Press Release

ITV issued a press release about Endeavour’s return. It tells us some of the things we may expect from S4, “The stories that remain will take Endeavour and Thursday, together with the rest of Oxford’s Finest, into places hitherto unexplored – the worlds of 1960s pop; Doctors and Nurses; and an exploration of the English pastoral.” I’m very much looking forward to it all especially the world of 1960’s pop.

The great Endeavour S4 is currently into production. Team Endeavour are up to Film 2.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to Oxford a couple of times to see the filming going on. Both times I got the opportunity to talk to Shaun. πŸ˜€

First time I went to Oxford was on the 5th June. It was a very early morning for me but I wanted to be there in good time. I met up with a couple of my Shaun friends Jo and Colleen. and we had a good time talking to some of the crew who we had met before, asking when Shaun was going to get there. When he did I went to speak to him, he was as lovely as ever. I told him I had got up at 5am just to come and see him and I was tired so I wouldn’t be hanging around. He asked me what I had been up to the previous evening and I told him I went to a festival to see Scouting for Girls, He said ‘oh yes I remember you telling  me that you liked them’ ( I love how he remembers things!). I was off shortly after then.


Photo that Jo took of me when I was talking to Shaun, He looks happy speaking to me which is a big relief.

After I left Jo and Colleen went stayed at Turl street then went to the next location Trinity College where Jo took these fab photos.

The next time I went to Oxford was on the 17th July, I was on my own this time. The location for the first part of filming was at the gorgeous Radcliffe camera. I had the chance to talk to Shaun again. He asked me how myself and everything was, he was looking very trendy in his shades too. It was a very hot day and I wished for some sun shelter. I told Shaun I was very envious of his shelter which he was sitting in with Roger and another cast member having a good old laugh.

Some photos that I took on that sunny day.

A bit later on I went and asked shaun if I could take a photo of him, he said to me ‘you get in too’ then he took a selfie of us both using my ipad.  He’s very talented in lots of ways. πŸ˜‰


That was the end of the day for me. I came away a bit pink but my friends said it was for the love of Shaun which I didn’t disagree with! Hopefully I will get to some more filming soon.

Oxford September 18th

This was a great day in Oxford met up with a few of my Shaun friends. We were at the Radcliffe Camera one of the usual places where we would met and see filming taking place. I took a present I got from Whitby for Shaun. It was a hat and he liked it a lot. πŸ˜€

He then started filming, it was another hot day and Shaun was very shady.

There was more filming, Shaun was very smiley and he was doing filming with Roger.

I was sad to have to leave on this day but I was planning to return in a couple of days, which I did!