Dread Plot Summary

Three college students set out to make a thesis video for one of them (Stephen Grace, portrayed by Jackson Rathbone) about the effect of facing your greatest fear and the dread it causes, but Stephen’s friend, Quaid (Shaun Evans), takes the study too far, manipulating and torturing the other two as well as some of their already damaged classmates, to mask the dread that results from his own fears.

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Dread Review
Stephen Grace (Rathbone) is a Film Studies student looking for a juicy topic to write his thesis on. After a late night chance encounter, Stephen befriends Quaid (Evans) who suggests that Stephen researches fear. Unfortunately for Stephen, Quaid is troubled by his own past which is understandable given his Mother and Father were axed up in front of him when he was just six years old. What starts off as a school project where Stephen, his classmate Cheryl (Steen) and Quaid interview students around the University as they divulge their deepest fears, turns into something a little more sinister. In a bid to detract from his own personal demons Quaid begins obsessing over the fear study, bursting into a fit of rage if anybody dare suggest that this is just a school project. Quaid’s temperamental character who is played excellently by Shaun Evans always wants to push the fear project further and further, fantasising over the prospect of taking things to the next level.

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