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We have had lots of fantastic gorgeous photos of Shaun (with a full on beard) come our way over the past few days. He took part in a creative film workshop in Moscow where he talked about his experiences. the photo’s which were linked over were by Elvina Esanova on Twitter who was lucky to attend the workshop herself.

Here is an interview from one of the websites which contained some of the gorgeous photos. I have googled translated it from Russian and edited it a little so I apologise if it isn’t reading quite right.

Shaun Evans: “I do not like to wait, I love to act”

Author: Irina Osipova

Meeting with Shaun Evans, who is warmly welcomed in Russia. 

We met in the studio of one of the British Higher School of Design, performed in the best British tradition, in an eclectic style. A tall, fine-boned, blue-eyed Shaun smiles all panelists its commissural smile, and against the backdrop of London’s luxury home comes to comfort. Countless wrinkle-smeshinki and blond stubble only join the army of his fans …

He is 35 years old, he went into a great movie just recently – and once as a versatile, very talented artist. On the British festival, it is the film of a young but influential director Tom Harper “War Book”, which premiered promises to be loud. The actor will play a complex role as a representative of the authorities. He’s not going to stop and have just discovered the secret of what is involved in the filming of a new project. After the classic British detective “Endeavour”, left a pleasant aftertaste. Shaun has starred in the TV series, has announced that the young Inspector Morse returns to the screen in 2016. Of course, the actor acknowledged the audience, for his natural rhythm. Answers without prior thought, the quality factor, the elegance, the right manner, erect posture and sustained calm. Black straight trousers, light shirt and dark gray jacket – British actor obvious classics.

And I suddenly realize what kind of response possible to the question I was going to ask Evans – why his talent was not marked at all, in my opinion, deserved awards, although he has become a “loud” and is surely a promising young man. The answer is simple: it is – a dramatic rhythm, dynamics of development: he was joking, he is crazy, he was mad with tenderness and fear empathizes, he’s a crazy hates detractors, accusing insensitivity to the “Last weekend”. The strength of the characters obscures his sharp thin line. He, like a peacock flounder, signs and distinctive, but at the same time, it is very difficult to immediately notice. All this is a matter of time, a successful actor Shaun future.

The atmosphere, in feeling, reminiscent of New Year in the Scottish folk-style, where in addition to torch procession, “fireballs,” illuminations, it is the custom, “enter the new year with fresh hope.” This sentence opens the door, waiting for the warm and sincere dialogue.

Your family are not actors, moreover profession of parents is not creative. Tell me how started career as an actor?

All right, acting it is not something with which I grew up. At one point I realized that I could do it. And then I was lucky, because if you know which way you want to go, it’s a gift. Very often, people rushing around in search of their vocation. But if it is you, the world opens up on all sides. I received a good education and very happy.

Shaun, you have a large family?

Yes, I have a family from Liverpool, Irish Catholic family, where there is an intimate atmosphere. Everyone is talented in their field. Take my grandmother, for example, bakes delicious bread than no talent? My family always enough to know that I’m happy. Therefore, I am happy when they are happy.(Laughs)

We are in the cinema school. Let’s delve into the memory of the end of your film school. What was the way forward?

As soon as I graduated from film school I was lucky. I had two job offers. The first – a four serial project for the television, which was never released, but I continued to speak on camera. No one saw this work, no one saw my mistakes, so all perfectly formed. (smiles). Next came my six-month project, which gave me invaluable experience and fame.

What are your most successful works of the early period could mention?

Sometimes you look at what you’ve done and think, “Oh, my God!”. There is a project, which for me was a real baptism with amazing actors. I was 22-23 years old, and they taught me a lot then.

Do you have any idols?

Yes of course. Annette Bening, I am struck by the power of her talent, and still it is a source of inspiration. She always accurate, different in each role. I admire a great number of actors Johnny Cash, Al Pacino, Tarkovsky and others.

Is there a movie that still makes an impression on you? Perhaps this is a list of movies, attracts you genre.

At this stage, I like poetry, dramatic films. It’s funny, the movie is a business, but in the best – it’s an art. Recently, a third revised the “Tree of Life”, and I find there is something poetic, of course, beautiful. Director Terence Davies from Liverpool, took off his black-and-white movie, where the rhythm is the high art of the present.

Maxim Gorky, Russian writer, wrote that “to improve human – the meaning of life.” In the process of modernization, which you discover the new, as an actor?

Each role – it’s new challenges. When you work, the project will absorb you. It is important and necessary to allow the project to swallow you. Then something seeping into your consciousness and finds an outlet in your acting. We must be prepared to arrive early in the filming, to know the words to teach the text, you need to consider how you will behave, how you will interact with other characters. All these essential elements. These are the basic points, based on a system of Chekhov and Stanislavsky. We must allow ourselves to be free. This is difficult to achieve – a creative process, where there are no clear rules. As soon as you talk about them, you lose a person, but art is not about that. Everyone has to find their way.

How to achieve this freedom?

If I know I did the homework if I know what the story and given moment, begins to play the role of you, and then everything is fine. We must make friends with the team and his teammates on shooting – they are your audience. Impressed by the friendliness. You need to feel comfortable. One need only imagine. I know actors who breaks the fate because they are fixated on the structure. It should reach its maximum. You have to be open. We need to grow and expand. You need to find a moral compromise with himself. It seems to me there is nothing worse on the set when you’re close.

The actor lives over and over again through the eyes of another person’s life. Do you think, feel, breathe it. When is the time to get out of the role, if difficulties occur? Are the traces of past roles in you as a person? I do not get up before you question who I am real? That I make a decision, or is a consequence of the role?

That’s a good question. The more you work, the more you gain experience. Can you separate the game from reality. When you work, some subconscious controls protsessc. Personally I’m talking about myself. Others may otherwise. When I work, then I try to keep your life in simplicity, for a full focus.When the job ends, it ends. In the end, you get tired of the story you want to come back to him and his life.

In the mini-series “Last weekend,” you play a very unpleasant character. It’s hard to play someone who makes you disgusted?

All proceeds from the imagination. You can always draw from its resources.

Amazing story of a sociopath who goes on a weekend with his former best friend. He gradually tells all on camera. The action in the first person. Gradually the story develops, it seems the audience thinks he is quite a nice guy, and then you realize that it is something wrong. In the end, he raped his  best friend’s wife, and then kills him. He is a psychopath. O’Reilly plays a girl in love with my hero since childhood. The character thinks it’s a joke. For him, it is for love, not knowing that he commits an act of violence, causing her pain. You understand, of course, they will be engaged in sex, but rough sex, but not by force, at least, he tells himself. There is a tragedy. It is that people are not able to build a relationship with a girl, which was in love, so start finding excuses appealing imagination.

As an actor you easier to perform in a theater or cinema?

You have to tell the story of the character.Sometimes a time and sometimes small steps. The camera requires honesty. My good friend, said that “it is necessary to lie better on camera.” But even more exciting as when you are working in front of live audiences. It’s always a lot of stress. I prefer to play in a movie, the camera, not on the stage in front of a live audience. But everyone on this account their views.When you stand on the stage of your power goes to the viewer, so does your energy. And your energy before the camera works with a partner, and you allow the camera for you to watch.

Many actors, including you, Shaun, at least once have starred in the short film. When waiting for new masterpieces?

In fact, I love shorts. Early next year, I’m going to star in two, and one even crezhissiruyu.

Tell us about the process of interaction between the director and the actor on the set. It is difficult to achieve?

This is a complex process of interaction. It all depends on mutual sides. Directed by watching you. The more personal your relationship better. If the director is constantly screaming, the atmosphere is disgusting.

Who are they for you the best directors, which had to work?

Best Director – confident. The director feels more confidence, the better you are, the actor. This is a special sphere, we must be able to create it.

Have you had experience with nerve directors?

Yes, there have been cases – it was awful. Even remembering nasty. Dragged projects for so long that I wanted to run away. I was lucky because I had a lot of confidence, but I was shocked by this rude man. Why should I put up with it? All this negative effect on your end result. Do not let your crush. It is always possible, slamming the door, you walk away.

 How to choose a scenario? Maybe there is some clue that you draw?

Scripts with the same thoughts. Surprisingly, I have it does materialize. What I feel, at this point in time, the role and offer me. You take for it as soon as you feel it. Six months of the project will fully absorb. It is necessary to consider all aspects. Sometimes you surprise the characters, sometimes there is something that does not look like that at first you hooked, but you do not stop having fun. I’m not pretentious, just know that the harder I work, the better I play. I do not like to wait, I love to act. Thus, to achieve the goal.

What is a good story?

There should be specific elements. Just like in the “metrics” of Aristotle, there is a very precise structure of stories, but at the same time – it is art. The story is built on concrete ideas. It may not be for you, do not like it, but you should trust the director, otherwise you could be wrong.

The festival will show the action, managed to see something like “Lobster”?

I have not seen “Lobster,” but I’m sure I would have liked. I was attracted by the idea.

Unfortunately, there is a film with a high meter, a brilliant cast, but the film failed. Why do you think?

It plays the role of director, screenwriter, producer – a lot of factors, but you need to do your job, to play to the maximum. I do not get attached to the outcome. It is subjective, I may seem like it’s brilliant, and some do not.

Let’s talk about your new project. You starred in “War Book”, literally tomorrow it will be shown at the festival, the film is based on real events – it is 60 years, while nuclear threats. How does this docudrama develops on the screen?

Indeed, the film is based on real events, if we talk about the canons of the global crisis. Roundtable gather experts who speak on behalf of their governments.They discuss, for example, what happens if you kill Queen Elizabeth? And it is thought. There are some protocols that occur during the development of a variety of situations. What happens as a result of a nuclear attack? It’s all in theory. But we have to do? Jack Thorne, screenwriter, has created an absolutely stunning script. He somehow miraculously got Minutes of these meetings, and created a narrative on the basis of what really happened. The situation is frightening, India attacks Pakistan how to respond should the UK, how it will affect global politics, how the world will respond to a nuclear attack? And it seemed to me very interesting – the policy takes place at the same table. There are people who annoy each other in the plot intervenes personal conflict. That if we talk about a group of people.

Of the six angry men, who do you play?

My character is – he is an idealist. He was not able to make decisions that will affect the way in which our country will react in a difficult situation, because he is too emotional, it’s hard to think coolly and that is how the story develops. It’s very hard.

How many shooting lasted?

We shot the film in two weeks, in the same room rehearsing for a week. Harper and director did a great job and when you look at the installation, you will see a growing rhythm, with it growing tension. I hope that you enjoy the movie.


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