Boy A

Shaun – Chris
Andrew Garfield – Jack
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Plot summary from the Boy A website
Jack (Andrew Garfield) is released from prison, finally, at the age of 24; having been institutionalized for most of his life. He and another boy murdered a child, when they were themselves children.

The film follows Jack’s attempts to readjust to the world outside of confinement and restart a life which never really got going.

Under the fatherly mentor-ship of Terry (Peter Mullan) his parole contact and social worker, he experiences a coming of age, which would normally have happened years ago.

But forces from the past are constantly upon him, as we learn more about the events leading up to the crime which has ruined so many lives, there is an increasing sense of suspense, intrigue and ultimately doom: the tabloid press and Terry’s real son are not going to let things lie.

As we come to the latter part of the movie Jack and his now best friend Chris (Shaun Evans) come across a car that has crashed in to the woods with a young girl trapped inside. Saving her life makes Jack an instant local celebrity. However this celebrity comes at a price as his history is revealed and we are asked to decide for ourselves if those who commit such horrendous crimes can atone for their past and be forgiven.